Metzeler develops and produces cushions for all types/classes of seats:

from Economy to Sleeper Seats

Metzeler offers cushions for:


  • New Seat Programs
  • Replacement Programs
  • Retrofit Programs

Cushions are available in:

  • Fire Hard Foams
  • Conventional Foams with Fire Blocking Layer
  • Impregnated Fire Hard Foams.

Products are supplied under the trade name METZOPROTECT®.

All materials and products produced by Metzeler Schaum are in compliance with current FAA / EASA regulations and requirements regarding Fire Safety, Toxicity and Smoke.

Sandwich type constructions of cushions:

Soft touch layer comfort
DVT-Buildup comfort
Floatation cushion safety
Stabilized areas safety
Weight reduced cushion (app. 30%) weight
Multi hardness cushion comfort

Numerous solutions are available to meet preference of customers.

Flotation cushions

Cushions with integrated flotation medium, which fulfill the requirements of TSO C72c.

Flotation cushions may be provided with flexible flotation foams that offer higher comfort, extended cushion life time (identical to non-float cushions). No weight penalty.

ErgoFlexx Cushions

ErgoFlexx is an inflatable chamber system assembled to a backrest cushion which is build into an aircraft seat.
Via hoses the individual chambers are tied together with a pump system to increase and decrease the amount of air supplied.

Sitting in an upright position ErgoFlexx offers lateral support to the passenger as well as lumbar support.
In recline or full flat position the chambers will be decompressed to offer more space for relaxation and sleeping.
A massage function is available (optional).

ErgoFlexx meets burn test specification for aircraft seats acc. to FAA/EASA regulations.
For more details please feel free to contact us.


Sleeper Cushions

Sleeper cushions are developed and manufactured by Metzeler for seats intended to provide a comfortable support for the passenger while sitting as well as during complete recline, e.g. sleeping mode.

Inflation and deflation of chambers beneath the foams change the contour and load deflection automatically, relatively to the seats reclining angle.


Light Weight Cushions

For lowering the weight of passengers seat, seats may be provided with cushions manufactured from light weight materials. Weight savings gained will partially offset weight increases through IFE and other additional features.

Lumbar Supports

Inflatable Lumbar Supports

Lumbar Supports are produced from foam identical to the foam, from which backrest cushions are manufactured. This foam is contained in an air tight bag with a valve controlling the intake of air or deflation of the support. Due to the integration of the Lumbar Support into a cavity of the backrest cushion, additional comfort can be gained with a marginal increase of weight.

For new seats and retrofit. Any size and contour possible.

Fixed Lumbar Supports

Fixed lumbar support cushions are made from soft, visco-elastic foam. This foam positively forms around the lumbar area and adjusts itself to individual lumbar needs, throughout reclining positions.

Padded Covers

Padded covers are produced from foams laminated with fabrics selected by an airline. An advanced technique developed by Metzeler ensures that during repeated dry cleaning, no delamination will occur.

Padded covers will serve as soft touch layer and decorative element.

Thickness of cover may be increased to serve as cushion for weight optimized seats.

Mattresses for Crew Rests

Mattresses for Crew Rests are manufactured by Metzeler for several aircraft series, including Airbus A380 and A340.

Cushions for the Flight Crews and Cabin Crews are designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the aircraft manufacturer.