Special Services

Development Support

Metzeler offers its support for developments to its customers comprising:

Seat Development

Substantial increase in comfort by close cooperation with structural engineers during seat development.

Applied Ergonomics

Increase in comfort and safety through integration of results from advanced studies in ergonomics into various products.

Improved Seating Designs

For particular routes (extreme long range), added comfort or aspects of corporate identity, Metzeler  offers cushions with improved ergonomic and orthopedic shapes or re-designs of all seat foams regardless of aircraft type and seat, matching the Corporate Identity throughout the entire fleet.

Retrofit Programs

Development and production of components for increased comfort, added passenger appeal and positive corporate identity, ready for installation during overhauls.

Certification of Upgraded Interiors

If upholstery or seat covers are replaced, or new advanced solutions for the upholstery are to be installed, the certification process can be performed or supported by Metzeler.

Product Support

To facilitate operation, maintenance and stock keeping at the airlines, Metzeler offers to maintain spares stocks at its facilities to cover AOG and CRIT requirements.

Close cooperation with the seat manufacturer and the customer from the ITCM, via prototyping and the CDR up to the FAI ensure that the customer obtains the most adequate solution with respect to comfort, safety and value for money.

Certificates, Patents and Licenses

Engineering and production is certified in accordance with

  • EASA Part 21 Section A, Subpart G
  • DIN EN ISO 9001
  • ISO TS 16949


Flammability testing is performed in house and in cooperation with an EASA approved facility.

Additional certifications have been issued for automobile -, rail – and other transport systems.


Designs including marketing-, ergonomic- and commercial aspects.

To introduce the corporate identity into all aircraft of the fleet and to offer an enhanced appeal of the seats to the passengers, cushions can be re-designed.

The re-designed cushions will provide an identical appearance, regardless of seat type and manufacturer.