Metzeler develops and produces cushions for all types of seats used in public transportation.

Metzeler offers these cushions for:


  • New Seat Programs
  • Replacement Programs
  • Retrofit Programs

Most countries have their own burn test regulations for cushions which require individual foam solutions.

Metzeler is able to offer such foam solutions for all burn test regulations which cover:


  • DIN 5510-2
  • BS 6853
  • NF F 16.101
  • UNE 23-724-90

Additional, Metzeler offers a solution for cushions which have to meet the latest burn test specification:

CEN / TS 45 545

All foams are developed and produced by Metzeler.

The products produced from these foams are supplied under the trade name Metzoprotect®.


Metzeler offers arm rests for seats used in public transportation.

These arm rests are produced by using different foam solutions:


  • Soft PUR Foams
  • Integral Foams

The foams employed for arm rests are developed and produced by Metzeler and meet the relevant burn test specifications applied for arm rests in public transportation.

Arm rests made from Integral Foams are ready for installation into the seat structure.

Arm rests made from Soft PUR Foams will normally require a further cover made of fabric or leather which will be specified by the end user.

Sound Absorbing Systems

Acoustic and Thermal Solutions for Rail Vehicles

Heat insulation with MetzoNor Profil inside the aluminium extruded section and MetzoNor Prevent on the coach interior


  • Heat insulation and sound absorption are important factors in the construction and production of rail vehicles.
  • Modern, light weight constructions in particular with profile sections made of aluminium not only result in the desired reduction in weight.
  • Rail coaches heat up quickly when exposed to direct sunlight and cool down equally quickly when the temperature drops.
    In addition to this, the hollow space construction method creates many acoustic resonance spaces.
  • Sound absorbing and heat insulating elements have to be built in to achieve good results in the areas of comfort and safety which are of particular importance to passengers.
  • In addition to sound and heat insulation, low weight and easy installation are by far the most important criteria when selecting insulation materials.

MetzoNor® Profil

Product Properties


  • Metzo®Nor Profil is a special sound and heat insulating system developed and produced by Metzeler to meet with the particular requirements for rail vehicles.
  • The sound insulation and sound absorption (anti-drumming) are achieved through a spring-mass system made of polyurethane foam.
  • Thermal insulation is also achieved using polyurethane foam materials.
  • To make insertion into the aluminium sections easier, the system is welded into a plastic film sheet.

This results in special product advantages:


  • Improved sound insulation
  • Bone conduction sound absorption (anti-drumming) is increased
  • Thermal insulation is already contained in the aluminium section (space saving)
  • Can be utilized selectively in problem areas
  • Can be adapted to suit different sectional geometries
  • Weight saving of up to 50% over conventional anti drumming materials

MetzoNor® Prevent

  • MetzoNor® Prevent is a sound absorbing solution developed by Metzeler for wall insulation in rail vehicles.
  • MetzoNor® Prevent is an extremely light foam material with outstanding damping qualities and can be offered with:
    – self-adhesive finishing – for easy installation
    – aluminium foil
    – glass fabric
  • MetzoNor® Prevent satisfies all national and international fire regulations for insulation materials in the rail vehicle industry.