Virtual Showroom

Of course, the Metzeler Schaum showroom is not a purely virtual affair, but also available in real life, e.g. during tours of the facilities. Our website offers you a small slide show to give you an impression of it.

Exhibits from all departments can be found in our showroom. Anything from original airplane seat rows to sleeping systems to household sponges can be found there.

Have fun!



Rubex® Mono Cell

The even pore structure of Rubex® Mono Cell relieves pressure when lying on it.

Rubex® Duo Cell

The structure mix of approx. 50% each of small and large pores leads to the unique lying experience of Rubex Duo Cell quality. The large pores relieve pressure. The small ones enable soft pressure support.

Rubex® Trio Cell

Perfect lying behaviour is achieved by the Rubex Trio Cell version. The structure mix of approx. 33% each of small, medium and large pores enables pressure-relief (large pores) and pressure-distribution (medium pores). The added pressure-supporting behaviour of the small pores further optimises your perfect lying and sleeping experience.


Rapeseed and/or sunflower oil is processed industrially to become one of the components high-quality foam is made of. Good to know that we already prefer local natural resources to fossil ones, also to the benefit of local agriculture.The foams used by Metzeler are environmentally compatible and not harmful to health. Without any question, great lying characteristics and the great feeling of protecting the environment are things that go together well.


Hypersoft is a specially developed pressure-relieving soft foam well able to absorb moisture. This material can be washed at 60° and is therefore well suitable for being sewn into a cover fabric and used as a mattress cover.