Metzeler Schaum Departments

Metzeler Schaum GmbH not only produce many different foams, they also offer long-term experience and specialised knowledge in five areas of application.


Just as the name indicates, this area serves clients in the aviation and railway passenger seat areas.

The foams for this area meet special requirements and include fire-hard formed foam parts and cut parts. A complete service range is offered in addition to production, covering construction as well as procurement, installation and processing of logistic services.

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Since  every car uses approximately 1m³ of foam, it is hardly surprising that Metzeler can cover a wide range of applications here. In addition to special developments, the product areas of roof liners (carrier material), seat technology (cushions), covers (foam-backed foil) and seat covers are being focused on. Interior components for busses and tractors are also part of our activities.

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Metzeler Schaum are a leading manufacturer of high-quality mattresses.In addition to the present technologies, Metzeler also see themselves as development partner for their clients in this area.

We offer: Technology – Marketing – Consulting – Concepts – Innovations – Sales Ideas- Networks – Partnerships.

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Formed foam / block foam production creates products for many different applications. Clients reach from the construction and packaging industries to engineering, garment and shoe industries.

With our more than 100 different foam types, we can provide a matching system for each application.

The most important applications are the following: Fine-pored foams (painter rolls), foams for impregnating and foams for filter technology. Acoustics and isolation are also areas that are covered by manifold materials combinations, such as PUR-skin, self-adhesive equipment, textiles, fleece fabrics, fibre glass, aluminium foil,….

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Metzeler Schaum Brain Pools

We are committed to developing new ideas, new processing methods and new technologies for our clients. Therefore, Metzeler set up so-called brain pools where tomorrow’s foams are thought out.

Product Pools

In our product pools, we develop polyurethane future. This is where the very first foam using regenerative resources was developed – Nawaro.

Engineering Pools

IIn our engineering pools, commercial implementation of our products is pursued. Their special advantage is that they profit from our experience with and competences in all application areas of the Metzeler products.

Recycling Pool

In our recycling pool, we develop technologies for environmentally compatible utilisation of cuttings. Decades of experience in the foam business, combined with continuous research and development of new possibilities, is reflected in our vast product range.